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Explore how the Cline Center and its affiliates are pursuing our shared vision through research, education, collaboration, and outreach.

A Progressive Supervised-learning Approach to Generating Rich Civil Strife Data

"Big data" in the form of unstructured text poses challenges and opportunities to social scientists committed to advancing research frontiers. Because machine-based and humancentric approaches to content analysis have different strengths for extracting information from unstructured text, we…

Climate Change and Civil Unrest: The Impact of Rapid-onset Disasters

This article examines the destabilizing impact of rapid-onset, climate-related disasters. It uses a sample of storms and floods in conjunction with two intensity measures of civil unrest to examine two perspectives on human reactions to disasters (conflictual, cooperative). It also uses insights…

Conceptualizing and Measuring Rule of Law Constructs

This article outlines an effort to gauge cross-national and inter-temporal differences in law-based orders for 165 nations from 1850 to 2010. Despite the increasing importance attributed to “the rule of law,” there have been few efforts to develop objective measures of it. The conceptual…