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Explore how the Cline Center and its affiliates are pursuing our shared vision through research, education, collaboration, and outreach.

Institutions and Economic Growth: An Empirical Assessment of the Post-WW II Era

This paper was presented at the 2010 Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association on September 1-5, 2010.  This paper uses data from an on-going project, the…

Do "We" Have a Stake in This War? A Worldwide Test of the In-Group Out-Group Hypothesis Using Open-Source Intelligence

This paper was presented at the 2011 Annual Meeting of the International Studies Association on March 16-19.  It discusses how international relations scholars have long suspected that popular support for war is structured in part by in-group reactions to out-group threats. Huntington’s (1993,…

Measuring Cross-National and Inter-Temporal Differences in Law-Based Orders: 1946-2010

While scholars have grappled with the conceptual ambiguities surrounding the concept of “the rule of law” for well over a century, there has been a renewed interest in this concept in the last two decades. This revival is due in large part to widespread agreement that law based order plays a…