Coup D'état Project (CDP) - Archive

Coup D'état Project (CDP) - Archive

This page contains previous versions of the Cline Center's Coup D'état Project (CDP).

For an up-to-date version of the project and its data, please visit the Cline Center's Coup D'état Project Page.

The Coup D'état Project White Paper (v.1.0.0) This is a white paper from v1.0.0 of the Coup D'état Project.  This white paper provides a succinct definition of a coup d’état used by the CDP, an overview of the typology that was developed to differentiate among coup types, and an outline of the quantitative data collected for each coup. Reliability checks for the coup data collected are reported in Appendix I.

The Coup D'état Project Dataset (v.1.0.0)

Google Earth Maps of CDP Events Using v1.0.0 Data