Coup D'état Project (CDP)

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Coup D'état Project (CDP)

***Statement regarding the events that took place at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021***

Coup by Pittaya Sroilong/ CC BY
Coup by Pittaya Sroilong/ CC BY

Coup d'états are important events in the life of a country. They constitute an important subset of irregular transfers of political power that can have important and enduring consequences for a country's well-being. Despite this, social scientists have yet to compile a well-documented inventory of coups that is global in scope. There are a number of datasets that feature a comprehensive list of coup events, however these datasets are not well documented, nor do they effectively detail neither the type of coup event that took place nor the initiators of the coup.  Therefore, the objective of the The Coup D'état Project (CDP) is to compile, for 165 countries in the post WWII era, a more comprehensive listing, documentation, and categorization of coups that can be used by researchers.   


Version 2.0 of the CDP dataset encompasses 943 coup events, including 426 realized coups, 336 attempted coups, and 181 coup conspiracies that occurred between 1945 and 2019.


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    The Coup D'état Project Dataset Codebook (v2.0.1) This is the codebook for v2.0.1 of the Coup D'état Project Data. The first section of this codebook provides a succinct definition of a coup d’état used by the CDP and an overview of the categories used to differentiate the wide array of events that meet the CDP definition. It also defines coup outcomes. The second section describes the methodology used to produce the data. Reliability checks for the coup data collected are reported in the Appendix. Lastly, this document briefly highlights the differences between v2.0.0 and v1.0.0.

    The Coup D'état Project White Paper (v.1.0.0) This is a white paper from v1.0.0 of the Coup D'état Project. This white paper provides a succinct definition of a coup d’état used by the CDP, an overview of the typology that was developed to differentiate among coup types, and an outline of the quantitative data collected for each coup. Reliability checks for the coup data collected are reported in Appendix I.

    v2.0.0 - Below is a link to version 2.0.0 of this dataset. The first version, v.1.0.0, was released in 2013. Since then, the Cline Center has taken several steps to improve on the previously-released data. These changes include:

    1. Filling in missing event data values
    2. Removing events with no identifiable dates
    3. Reconciling event dates from sources that have conflicting information
    4. Removing events with insufficient sourcing (each event now has at least two sources)
    5. Removing events that were inaccurately coded and did not meet our definition of a coup event
    6. Extending the time period covered from 1945-2005 to 1945-2019
    7. Removing certain variables that fell below the threshold of inter-coder reliability required by the project
    8. The spreadsheet ‘CoupInventory.xls’ was removed because of inadequate attribution and citation in the event summaries

    Link to v2.0.0 data

    v1.0.0 - Below are links to the original data of the Coup D'état Project.

    Google Earth File: 1945-2005 Sample Set - (Requires Google Earth (free download). 

    The Google Earth KML file listed below contains a visualization of Coup D'état Project Data (v.1.0.0) categorized by the Cline Center. There are three types of coup events shown in this file: attempted coups, coup conspiracies, and successful coups.