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Our collaborators at the Comparative Constitutions Project launched Constitute in collaboration with Google Ideas in 2013. Available in both Arabic and English, Constitute is a beautiful online environment to read, search, and compare the world’s constitutions.

The site contains the full text, indexed with CCP data, for nearly every active national constitution in the world. Using CCP data, all of the constitutions have been tagged by subject area, allowing users to discover relevant constitutional provisions on particular subjects, no matter how they are worded. In addition to browsing the 300+ topics tagged by CCP, users can also execute their own searches, sort their results by region or time period, and pin content for further analysis.

Since its launch, Constitute has been recognized with a number of awards. In 2014, the project was awarded a Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Award for breakthroughs in technology and culture, and was named to the Nominet Trust List of the 100 most inspiring social tech innovations from around the world. Read more about the awards and recognition here.

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